Use Cases

Abandoned Tunnel Rehabilitation

Mapping of an ancient railroad tunnel, partially flooded and collapsed, supporting its restoration project

Crossrail tunnels 3D mapping using Drones

Hovering Solutions Ltd. has developed a drone (UAV) system aimed to inspect and produce 3D maps of tunnels and other indoor scenarios

Flying Underground: The Use of Smart Flying Robots in Underground Mining

Hovering Solutions has introduced a new revolutionary method to gather data in underground mining by using Smart Flying Robots.

Ore Passes 3D Mapping in Underground Mining

Hovering Solutions puts into practice a flying robot able to produce 3D models of vertical ore passes in underground mining industry.

The system was put into practice in collaboration with MATSA, at Mina Magdalena copper underground mine, located in the south of Spain.

Penstock Inspections and Mapping by using Autonomous Flying Robots

Penstocks are widely used in the hydropower industry around the world. This kind of pipes are used to carry water down from a water reservoir directly into the turbines to produce clean energy.

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