Water Utilities

Water distribution networks are huge infrastructures of several thousands kilometres long. This critical infrastructure needs to be regularly inspected and maintained for it proper operation. These activities usually involves serious risks for humans in charge of operating the infrastructure. Our robots are able to navigate, explore and digitalise by them-selves risky underground areas, avoiding the people to have to access and making the inspection process safer and faster.

Hydro Power

Hydro energy production involves the use a huge amount of underground pipes and water tunnels. The inspection of this critical infrastructure requieres time and the use of specially trained staff. Some activities also involves risks for humans, such as the inspection of vertical or inclined penstocks, normally existing in hydro power plants. Hovering Solutions robots are able to cover a whole penstock inspection in less than 1 hour, or gather data along 7km of hydro tunnels in a single flight with no human intervention.


Get 3D models of ore passes and stopes in just few minutes. Produce georeference pointclouds of dangerous or access denied areas.

Civil Construction

Produce high-detailed 3D digital models of tunnels under construction or underground infrastructure that needs to be reconditioned. Safer, faster and more accurate autonomous survey. Use a combination of pointclouds and geolocated high resolution images for geology and rock mechanics analysis.

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