Underground Autonomous Flying Robots

Fly underground with NO pilot, NO GPS(GNSS), NO radio communication and NO light
Produce high detail 3D digital models of underground infrastructure: fast, accurate and SAFE

Safe Sewer Inspection and 3D Digitalisation

Mapping the cities most underground inaccesible areas in a safe and efficient way. Our robots are able to fly fully autonomously from one location to another through sewage tunnels, providing geolocated data of the interior of the infrastructure, such as panoramic high-resolution images and georeferenced 3D point clouds.

RISK-Free flight

Fly and capture data in risky underground areas in few minutes. Fly is fully autonomous, radio link with the robot can be lost. No pilot is needed.

Different missions options

Start mission at point A. Finish and recover the robot at either point A or point B depending on your needs or available accesses to areas to be scanned.

Cloud storage

Gathered data is uploaded by the robot to the cloud. Data is secured, classified and ready to be analysed.

3D online visualization

Check your data online. 3D models and high resolution panoramic images are ready to be analysed, shared and downloaded online. No special tools are needed. Just open your Web browser and check flight results.


Pay only for the amount of captured data.
No CAPEX investment is needed.


Water Utilities

Water distribution networks are huge infrastructures of several thousands kilometres long. This critical infrastructure needs to be regularly inspected and maintained for it proper operation.

Hydro Power

Hydro energy production involves the use a huge amount of underground pipes and water tunnels. The inspection of this critical infrastructure requieres time and the use of specially trained staff.

Civil Construction

Produce high-detailed 3D digital models of tunnels under construction or underground infrastructure that needs to be reconditioned.


Get 3D models of ore passes and stopes in just few minutes. Produce georeference pointclouds of dangerous or access denied areas.

Use Cases

Some of our use cases in different sectors

Sewer inspection with autonomous drones

Mapping the citie´s most inaccesible areas in a safe and efficient way which also provides high quality data

Abandoned Tunnel Rehabilitation

3D Mapping of an ancient railroad tunnel, partially flooded and collapsed, supporting its restoration project

Crossrail Tunnels 3D Mapping Using Drones

Hovering Solutions Ltd. has developed a drone (UAV) system aimed to inspect and produce 3D maps of tunnels and other indoor scenarios

Ore Passes 3D Mapping In Underground Mining

Hovering Solutions puts into practice a flying robot able to produce 3D models of vertical ore passes in underground mining industry.

Penstock Inspections And Mapping By Using Autonomous Flying Robots

Penstocks are widely used in the hydropower industry around the world. This kind of pipes are used to carry water down from a water reservoir directly into the turbines to produce clean energy.

Our technology

We solve the challenge of autonomous flight without GPS/GNSS, radio or any other communication

Our navigation system is being patented and is already bringing value to our customers, gathering data from restricted and hazardous underground sites where no other device can reach

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